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Partner Services

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Partner Services

We are hired by, and work, for you our clients. Most recruiting companies boast about an 18-40 step recruiting process which they have difficulty deviating from which limits their flexibility to work in the manner that makes sense for you, the client. During our many years of recruiting we have found that every company has a different hiring process and many times that as a company grows the hiring process changes. Consequently, we will work with you in the manner that makes sense for you. Since we have extensive experience managing sales forces and customer support teams throughout North America we recognize how valuable your time is.

Our commitment to you:

  • You and your company will be represented in a positive and professional manner.
  • You will be provided with candidate feedback.
  • You will not receive a database download from us of multiple people who are obviously not a match for what you are looking for.
  • ALC Consulting does not recruit from our clients.
  • ALC Consulting will not accept a search from you that is not in our area of expertise.
  • All candidates presented to you from ALC Consulting will be pre-screened in accordance with your requirements.
  • ALC Consulting does not subscribe to job boards.

We offer the following permanent placement recruiting solutions:


This service is available to clients that have an urgent need to fill a critical position. We dedicate an exhaustive effort with all of our resources to locate qualified candidates within 10-15 working days and to complete the search within 30 days. All candidates presented for priority searches will not be presented on other ALC searches until you have determined whether the candidate is a fit for your organization or not.


You pay us a priority engagement fee to initiate the search. The remainder of the service charge is paid when the candidate begins employment. This is highly recommended when relocation is required for senior management and executive roles.



This service is available to companies that want to see qualified candidates who most closely match your job specifications. If you hire someone we’ve presented our service charge is paid when the candidate begins employment. If you hire someone through another source, no service charge is due.